2017 Year In Review


As I gear up for 2018 I cannot help but reflect on the last twelve months and give thanks, celebrate and give you an update on what Good Path Consulting has been up to. It’s been a wild ride (keep reading for a random twist of events).

This year was my first full year officially incorporated as Good Path Consulting and I’m so stoked about all the amazing clients I’ve had the privilege of working with.

Here are just a few 2017 highlights:

  • “Got right with story” with Thread in the form of a new website launched by Daylight Studio. Check it out the website for a fun look at what “knowing your story” can do for your brand.
  • Launched a website and #1 best selling book on Amazon for author David A. Duryee. The 60 Minute CFO should definitely be on your list of books to read for 2018 if you want to understand your business’ cash flow and key ratios outside of the basic financial statements. We teamed up with Rob Kosberg of Best Seller Publishing.
  • Guided Cutino Sauce through a Planning and Discovery phase of a website redesign as well as working with Gorge Web Design to tune up the current site in the meantime. Fun fact: Cutino sauce is ALL Jimmy Kimmel wants for Christmas.
  • Taught a lot of brands and companies about SEO. This might be one of the main things I do. It’s always good to brush up on the topic and make sure you know the latest.
  • Had too many to count inspiring conversations with ongoing clients who need coaching, pep talks, and marketing advice on an hourly basis. Things like, what to do when your prior marketing efforts have fallen flat, a web redesign has left your SEO non-existent, and how to best launch a new ecommerce brand.

And I mentioned an unexpected twist...

In April, my product designer husband and I invented a product designed specifically to aid women's trips to the ladies’ room wearing shapewear (ie, Spanx). Say what?!?

Yep, In March and April, I took a hiatus and underwent diastasis repair surgery. As part of my recovery I had to wear Spanx to help ease swelling and protect the surgical site. (My full story is here.) Wearing Spanx day and night for 5 weeks straight is uncomfortable for a lot of reasons, the primary of which is trips to the loo. Spanx, as it were, have an opening for such functions, and well...let’s just say, it doesn’t work.

So we created a simple adapter device for the opening in shapewear to hold the fabric open and keep it from getting...wet… :) It’s called peeLUX.

From its inception, the project has been trucking along at a breakneck pace. We went from concept to rapid prototyping to finished product in about 6 months, having just received our final inventory at the beginning of this month (Dec 2017).

As part of our first steps, we filed a provisional patent, built a website and started writing content to rank for keywords. We now rank #1 on Google for “how to pee in your spanx” - beating out the Daily Mail, Reddit, Vogue and The Knot.

Once we had final products, we built an ecommerce site and got listed on Amazon as FBA. We are now optimizing the digital marketing (deep dives into Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, reaching out to celebrities (anyone know any personally? Let me know!), contacting influencers/bloggers, and doing traditional PR.

Having this project definitely keeps me fresh and engaged and better at consulting with my clients. I also have an amazing appreciation for all those brands out there who have started from scratch and invented something new. It’s entirely different to market something no one even knows exists, than to market products that already exist in the marketplace. Truly humbling and so inspiring! 

The Good Path - Thoughts for the new year

This wild ride of a year has me excited for what 2018 will bring but also reminds me of the all important concept of "the now". We truly aren't guaranteed another day on this planet. While you spend so much time focusing on planning for the future or reviewing the past, are you recognizing the now? Are you enjoying it? Are you on your "good path"?

It's far too easy to fall into the trap of saying, "I"ll feel really accomplished when my business reaches the 8 figure mark", or "I'll be happy when we finally pay off that loan". These are solid business goals. But don't forget, life is happening NOW. Whether you are riding a high, or battling it out in a low, don't forget to enjoy it. 

And just exactly how do you enjoy a low point; when things really suck,  when nothing is going right?

It's different for everyone, but what keeps me going is knowing that change is our only constant. Whether we like how things are going, or despise our current affairs, one thing's for sure - it'll change. The trick is to find a mental space that allows you less suffering despite it all. If you can focus on the tiny amazing things happening all around us, you can find gratitude. (This is an adorable holiday-themed example of finding gratitude in the little things.) When you can find gratitude, you can find beauty and grace. And with beauty and grace comes growth, acceptance and abundance. And in doing this, you are setting an intention to see and be the good in the world.

Stringing together a million amazing little "nows" will ultimately add up one heck of a "good path".

That said, you still gotta show up, do the work and do it well. But just remember to enjoy it.

To each of you who I've connected with this year: I’m grateful and inspired by all that you do.

And I’m keeping my calendar open for client work, so please let me know how I can help you reach your 2018 business goals.

Know someone who would benefit from my services? Please put us in touch.

In gratitude,