Why Are You Doing That?

I often find myself feeling like a hypocrite when I claim the lifestyle entrepreneur title. I recently told my friend after a few grueling work weeks, "I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur who has no life!".

True, at least it felt that way. Sometimes you get so damn busy with your entrepreneur self that planning something for your lifestyle self doesn't even sound fun. It sounds like more work.

In an attempt to reverse this feeling, I held a family meeting with my husband to see how we could have more fun. Funny agenda, right? But I was dead serious. We need to reclaim our lives a bit. With spring break on the horizon, we started there.

The result was that we outlawed the "staycation". I identified it as a soul-suck for me. While the staycation feels like a safe place, where hopefully I get a bunch of "life" stuff done (fix that creaky stair, plant new flowers in front, etc) and enjoy the place I live (go to that new restaurant downtown, see a movie), in reality it's a landmine-filled space with whiny kids, too much laundry and dreary weather looming. Sure, the staycation is cheap. It means I can work less and spend less, but it's expensive when I factor in the cost to my mood, energy and happiness.

So, this year for spring break, we planned a mega adventure, for us at least. We booked a week with friends in Sedona, Arizona where the weather is warm and the mountain biking is good.  To add to the adventure and to easily bring our own bikes, we decided to add an extra week off and drive there. 

The trip was epic, both in proportion and fun. 3,000 miles, 4 National Parks, 6 family member visits, and 7 fun families to hang with in Arizona.

But that's not really why I'm writing all this here. I'm writing to share the ah-ha's that came to me once I re-entered daily life back at home; when I stopped living moment-to-moment, mile-to-mile, campsite-to-campsite (which is a feeling I LOVE, by the way). Once the peanut butter M&M induced coma wore off and the van was unloaded, I began to feel a calm, cool and collected post-vacation vibe.

And the ah-ha moment was...

This is WHY I'm doing all this! Working for myself, creating clear boundaries between work and life, setting clear expectations for myself and my clients, being super discerning with the type of work I take on, running 2 businesses side-by-side. The lifestyle entrepreneur in me, felt proud, vindicated, and served. This is WHY I do what I do.

It is so, so, so easy (especially for a left-brained, type A girl like me) to lead with the head. To ignore the heart, make logical rational decisions and stay in the practical world. I preach that as great business advice. HOWEVER, it is also so important to listen to the heart. The heart wants what the heart wants, and if ignored, you will feel the pull, chasm, tear inside of you. A lifelessness that can be so uncomfortable, and ultimately devastating. 

So I ask you this - WHY are you doing what you are doing? What's it all for? What's driving you? What's at the heart of it? Are you a freedom fanatic like me? Are you working because it fulfills your creative passion? Do you get up and log on to your computer because on the other side of it are people who are making changes and doing great work as a result of what you do/teach/sell?

Jot it down right now and see where it takes you. 

The road-warriors at the Grand Canyon.

The road-warriors at the Grand Canyon.