Is burn out required for success in business?

You’re overwhelmed by the daily rise and grind pace of business. You’re exhausted and not clear about why you’ve built this life for yourself. You feel worried…all the time, and totally out of control.

You doubt you can get to the next level in your business. You’ve already implemented every system and “productivity hack” on the market. You’re firing on all cylinders, but it’s not enough.

You’re losing touch with your family, haven’t seen your friends in months and are eating meals at your desk. Exercise is a fleeting thing of the past and a luxury you have no time for.

You have big, huge, goals and you feel them slipping further and further away despite your best efforts to draw them closer.

You’d love to take a vacation, and yet terrible things will happen if you do. Vacation is simply not an option for you at this stage of your business.

you’re doing the hard work, but no matter what system or strategy you employ, you have HIT A WALL and are completely drained.

What if you didn’t have to burnout to be successful?

Instead, imagine starting each day confident that you will accomplish the goals you set for your business. When you look at your to do list you have a feeling of power and control over your daily outcomes. In fact, you are happily surprised at how easily you can accomplish big things in your business.

Midday, when you might usually notice things slipping out of control or going off track, you are able to quickly and precisely refocus your energy, ensuring your afternoon goes according to, or better than planned.

As the day ends, you have a mild endorphin buzz from knowing you did your best, completed big things and are set up for tomorrow. You go to bed knowing that you are topping off your energy supplies. You will wake up rested, and ready to pick up where you left off and continue making big strides toward your big goals.

Your brain has your back. Let’s train it.

This journey is one of mindset mastery. The human brain is what qualifies us as the most intelligent creatures on this planet and yet, your brain could be what is holding you back instead of helping you.

Here’s why…


Our brains are designed to keep us safe.

They are programmed to look for danger and risk and minimize our exposure to it.

This is a subconscious process that we need in order to survive. It’s great when you have that Spidey-sense when you’re in a dark alley and hear footsteps and we run or grab our keys or when we see a steep cliff and instinctively walk further from the edge.

The thing is, as entrepreneurs, we face risks every day and need our brains to be able to categorize and process it with a more conscious part of our brain that we control. Your subconscious mind really does have your back in terms of survival, but it can actively work AGAINST you when you’re consciously trying to do something big and risky in life.

Our biggest successes are born out of taking our biggest risks.

The definition of the word “entrepreneur” is:

a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Therefore, given the inherent risks in business, and that our subconscious brains are wired to avoid risk, it’s imperative to use your thinking, conscious brain, rather than your autopilot subconscious brain to operate your business. Otherwise your subconscious brain is going to constantly steer you away from productively running your business. It’s its job.

And this is just scratching the surface of all the ways in which your brain can be working more productively for you.


It’s time for a rewire of your brain.

To take it off of auto-pilot. To put YOU and all of your BIG DREAMS in the driver’s seat and watch your success skyrocket.

Hi, I’m Tracy, and I’m a recovering burnout-a-holic.


Sometimes you have to burn it all down to the ground, look through the rubble and rebuild with only the parts that survive.

I’ve been there. Twice. And while you can burn out and then rise again from the ashes, it’s an awfully tiring process. (Read more about my burnout story here.)

What if instead, you could isolate the problem, and fix it, work with it and grow stronger, happier and less overwhelmed as a result?

I do this work as an experienced, successful serial entrepreneur of 6 and 7 figure businesses. I’m a coach who is dedicated to seeing other entrepreneurs bypass the pain I had and get on the fast track to infinite, abundant success.


With me as your guide, you will learn how to become an expert at tapping into your brain’s next-level capabilities so that you can reach the big goals you have for your business. The process includes:

Rewire Coaching Sessions - Weekly one-on-one 90 minute coaching sessions catered to YOU and YOUR business. We go deep and figure out what’s really holding you back and how to propel you forward.

Rewire Exercises - Deepen your learning with homework to do between sessions. This will speed your progress and transform the concepts into habits.

Rewire Support - Never stay stuck. In-between sessions I’m available to keep you on track and moving forward to your destination.

Session topics:

What this will take:

  • Your time, energy and dedication to change

  • Your openness and willingness to accept new ideas and ways of thinking

  • At least 1 hour a week, plus (ideally) and 30-60 mins a day to carve out time for the exercises that will supercharge the process.

  • Patience, self compassion and self love as you allow yourself to view your business and life in a whole new light.

Case Studies

From business to sports, rewiring your brain for success is they key to seeing infinite success.

This can be easy.

The time is now to allow for ease and abundance to come into your business and life.

finallY, you are ready TO take a deep, confident breath and know that everything is working out.

You are ready to stand tall, with relaxed confidence. You know where you are, where you are going and EXACTLY how you’re going to get there.

I can help. Let’s do this.

Next Steps

  1. This program is by invitation only. Find out if we are a fit by booking a free 30 minute call with me. QUESTIONS? Drop me an email.

  2. If we are a fit, we will dive right in and schedule your first 90 minute coaching call.