Build Your Business Dashboard Workshop


Build Your Business Dashboard Workshop


Ever feel like you're driving blind with no idea how your business is performing at any given moment? And I'm not just talking about your accounting. What about allll the other stuff? Products sold, leads generated, meetings scheduled, website conversion rate, etc?

In this workshop we will get super clear on what data you should be keeping track of, how to gather it, and how to best look at it to get a super accurate picture of how you're doing at any given point in time.

Here's why you want to do this for your business:

What gets measured, gets managed. If you set up a system to measure the most important data in your business, you will automatically be managing it. And guess what? If you're managing the most important aspects of your business, well then, YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT!

Additional reasons to LOVE dashboards and tracking data:

  • It's fun to watch numbers and metrics change and grow over time as you put in the effort.

  • It helps you sleep at night knowing the details and not guessing about them in vague detail your head, or worse, catastrophizing and stressing over them.

  • It keeps teams on track and in the know. It's motivating for data to be transparent and available in one central place.

  • Identify trends (bad or good) and act proactively.

Where: Hood River Library meeting room
When: Friday, June 14th 2-5pm 
What: Bring your laptop, notebook and data and get ready to track some KPIs. Any extra time will be spent planning Q3 and goal setting.
Who: This workshop will be taught at an intermediate level. It will be most actionable for those who have been in business for 6 months or longer. Newbies are always welcome, but you may not have all the data to put into your dashboard yet. This workshop will be applicable for both service and products based business! 

Cost: $110

Includes worksheets, templates, light snacks and beverages to keep your brain fueled.

Questions? Contact Tracy >>