Gorge Women in Business October Meeting
5:30 PM17:30

Gorge Women in Business October Meeting


The path of most resistance. With all the best intentions, it's where many of us spend our time because we want to improve ourselves in areas that we are weak. Imagine, knowing you are not a numbers person, being asked to spend hours working on spreadsheets, when what you're great at is presenting in front of large groups. Meanwhile, another person who eagerly dives into spreadsheets with zest and zeal is feverishly sweating their next big presentation.

What if instead, we flipped those scripts and told you to focus on what you're good at (your zone of genius) and make it even better? What if in doing so you became six times more engaged in your work and happier with your life overall? 

 This is what we'll learn with Melanie McCloskey a CliftonStrengths assessment expert at our October Gorge Women in Business meeting.

 In addition to networking, light bites and a glass of wine or kombucha, we will be guided through the StrengthsFinder framework and dive into fun exercises to help us learn and expand on our unique superpowers.

Combined with Gorge Happiness month, we will talk about how to infuse your work with positivity. You are guaranteed to leave in a good mood.

Your ticket includes light bites a glass of wine or kombucha, networking and Melanie's talk.

And, just for fun, Sarah from Lucky Locks will be adding hair sparkles to your locks to brighten up your evening!

Get your ticket TODAY before prices go up on October 14th!

Melanie McCloskey, WPCC, CCJC, is a local certified Coach, supporting changemakers with powerful tools to maximize their personal potential and live happier, more inspired lives. She’s celebrating 10 years in her business as a Certified Whole Person Design Coach, and is also a Certified Cancer Journey Coach, Essential Oil Educator and Reiki Master offering transformational support to help professionals get out of their own way, align with their natural power and grace to go bigger in life, and have a more powerful ripple effect on the world. Melanie works from her PNW home of Hood River with local and national clients, one to one, in small groups and as a partner to changemaker organization

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5:30 PM17:30

Gorge Women in Business July Meeting

This month is all about connecting with one another. We are gathering outside over a glass of something cold and some delicious eats and doing some major "getting to know one another".

We will have some structured networking activities for anyone who cringes at the idea of having to mix and mingle, as well as some unstructured time to finally get to chat with that fellow woman in business you've been meaning to meet in person.

Your ticket includes light bites, wine, photo ops with the Fotobus and networking!

Get your ticket TODAY before prices go up on July 13th!

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2:00 PM14:00

Build Your Business Dashboard - Workshop

Build Your Business Dashboard Workshop

Ever feel like you're driving blind with no idea how your business is performing at any given moment? And I'm not just talking about your accounting. What about allll the other stuff? Products sold, leads generated, meetings scheduled, website conversion rate, etc?

In this workshop we will get super clear on what data you should be keeping track of, how to gather it, and how to best look at it to get a super accurate picture of how you're doing at any given point in time.

Here's why you want to do this for your business:

What gets measured, gets managed. If you set up a system to measure the most important data in your business, you will automatically be managing it. And guess what? If you're managing the most important aspects of your business, well then, YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT!

Additional reasons to LOVE dashboards and tracking data:

  • It's fun to watch numbers and metrics change and grow over time as you put in the effort.

  • It helps you sleep at night knowing the details and not guessing about them in vague detail your head, or worse, catastrophizing and stressing over them.

  • It keeps teams on track and in the know. It's motivating for data to be transparent and available in one central place.

  • Identify trends (bad or good) and act proactively.

Where: Hood River Library meeting room
When: Friday, June 14th 2-5pm 
What: Bring your laptop, notebook and data and get ready to track some KPIs. Any extra time will be spent planning Q3 and goal setting.
Who: This workshop will be taught at an intermediate level. It will be most actionable for those who have been in business for 6 months or longer. Newbies are always welcome, but you may not have all the data to put into your dashboard yet. This workshop will be applicable for both service and products based business! 

Cost: $110

Includes worksheets, templates, light snacks and beverages to keep your brain fueled.

Questions? Contact Tracy >>

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12:00 PM12:00

Gorge Women in Business Lunch +(optional) Workshop


This is a chance to get together off the trails, rivers and mountains, roll up our sleeves and talk shop. It's your opportunity to meet other women in our community who can help you, or whom may need help from you. The women in the Gorge are doing AMAZING things. Lets's share and connect.


Date: Friday, April 19, 2019
Lunch and speakers: 12-2pm
Optional Workshop: 2:30-4:30pm
Location: Hood River Best Western


Preparing to Fund Your Business - Lisa Flynn, Bend, OR

While the “startup mentality” gets the most press, it’s the growth stage mentality that can make or break entrepreneurs. Growth is the constant that makes the startup equation work - remaining even when everything else in the game seems to change at key, pivotal moments that pop up between MVP and IPO.

Regardless of how you choose to fund your growth - whether it’s through revenue, debt, equity, crowdfunding or grants - at the end of the day, you’re going to need to be able to not only tell, but sell your story to someone…a partner, advisor, mentor, investor, banker, employee, or the elusive crowd… The key to telling your story in a compelling way is understanding the “why” behind the slides of the standard problem/solution pitch deck. (Spoiler alert: it's all about the people, process, and product.)

Come hear about growth mapping and business hacking from a seasoned entrepreneur who has both boot-strapped and raised venture capital to fund growth phases for multiple businesses - both failed and successful ventures ranging from bricks and mortar franchises to SaaS apps. Lisa Flynn is a straight-shooter who has a knack for delivering big concepts and sometime harsh realities in bite size pieces when it comes to business models and marketing strategies. She’s a problem solver of the active variety and has been called a “startup sherpa” for her time spent on multiple teams navigating the startup and growth stage landscape.


Stay for a deep dive workshop and get started telling your story. Regardless of your stage or type of business, Lisa will guide a workshop to help craft your story through building the standard 12 slide pitch deck. Whether you’re ready to start fundraising now, or just need to figure out the best way to grow - this workshop will help you sort through the noise and unnecessary details to focus on the mission at hand.

About Lisa Flynn

With dual degrees in Marketing and Psychology, Lisa Flynn has a bit of a split personality. Is she an innovative marketer or multi-tasking mom? Strategic entrepreneur or collaborative philanthropist? The answer, of course, is all of the above.

Lisa consistently builds brands with systems that relentlessly drive ROI. She’s spent almost two decades as an entrepreneur herself, having both boot-strapped and raised venture capital for her startups – which ranged from a children’s photography studio model that she turned into a franchise, to SaaS products and mobile applications.

A nationally sought-after speaker for her insight into marketing psychology, strategy and tactics, she’s also served as a C(X)O on growth stage teams serving as a catalyst while guiding them through the most chaotic times. She’s currently the Chief Revenue Officer and new partner at Sudara – a certified B Corp dedicated to empowering women who are at highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking in India, creating pathways for freedom through job creation.

Lisa’s career highlights include her TEDxWomen talk “Changing the things we cannot accept”, being named Entrepreneur of the Year (2010), and being featured in Business Week for her unique franchise concept. She was also recognized in Ad Age magazine for her public service work and has won a variety of advertising honors,
including the American Advertising Federation’s prestigious Silver Medal Award.

Lisa lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and two teenage boys.

Small Business Solutions Through Banking - Craig Ortega, SVP, Brand Manager, Columbia Bank

Craig is a natural connector in the Columbia River Gorge and is a huge proponent of small business and believes in "real people banking" He will share with us the various options for funding available from traditional loan to the newer SBA Express loan options. The Columbia Bank model of banking is to help nurture business owners and educate in the process of

About Columbia Bank

Wherever you’re headed, Columbia Bank has the people and resources to help get you there. It starts with “hello.” We never forget a name or a face. Real human beings answer our phones. And our commitment to providing all the services required to help build strong Northwest communities is firmly rooted in our DNA.


Columbia Bank

Best Western Plus - Hood River Inn

Resource Revival

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11:30 AM11:30

Gorge Women in Business Lunch



This is a chance to get together off the trails, rivers and mountains, roll up our sleeves and talk shop. It's your opportunity to meet other women in our community who can help you, or whom may need help from you. The women in the Gorge are doing AMAZING things. Lets's share and connect.


  • Lunch

  • Networking

  • Featured speaker


Amber Valenti Armstrong, PA-C

6 Things You Need to Become an Unstoppable Changemaker in 2019

If nothing was stopping you, if nothing could get in your way–what would you MOST love to create in your life?? 

Things like...Taking back your health. Getting into better shape. Discovering meaningful work that lights you up. Breaking free of a funk. Growing closer to your friends. Becoming a better partner in those frustrating relationship moments. Taking your business or work to the next level. Starting and keeping new habits. Making an impact in your community. Feeling more confident. Trusting yourself more. Or making room for more adventures in your life.

What's stopping you from living that fully? 

Unfortunately, making change is challenging! And most of us weren't taught how to become successful changemakers. 

We’re often missing a few crucial skills to overcome the inevitable difficulties we experience along the way. But with the right skillsets you can move from struggle fest (we’ve all been there!) to steady success. So you can keep living into the life you know you’re worthy of. 

Amber's going to share the tried and true, evidenced-based, and road-tested skillsets you need to become an unstoppable changemaker in your life and the world. These skillsets will help you find clarity, get focused, sustain lasting motivation, overcome barriers, and feel confident as you implement the changes you want and need. So you can make this year your most inspired and thriving yet! (Bonus: She'll help you asses where you're at with these critical skills. And give you a deep discount code for her freshly released 8-Week Online Course Cultivate Change.)


Amber Valenti Armstrong, PA is a functional medicine practitioner, group facilitator, writer, and speaker specializing in mind-body medicine and self-leadership for women. 

She believes connection is the key to anything great we want in our lives. Her work focuses on connection to ourselves, our bodies, community, spirit and our environment as a way of creating wellness and conscious change. She believes it’s possible to take wonderful care of ourselves, do amazing work in the world, and have fun in the process.

Amber’s credentials include a host of international expeditions and adventures, more than a decade of work in wilderness and international medicine, talks and lectures for groups of 10 to 2,000, writing for online publications such as National Geographic Adventure, and her ongoing work in women's health.

She currently leads mind-body medicine and leadership courses, workshops, and retreats for her business Luminary, as well as runs her women-focused Functional Medicine practice Confluence Wellness in Hood River.

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11:30 AM11:30

Gorge Women in Business Lunch

3 Rivers Grill - 601 Oak St, Hood River, OR 97031



This is a chance to get together off the trails, rivers and mountains, roll up our sleeves and talk shop. It's your opportunity to meet other women in our community who can help you, or whom may need help from you. The women in the Gorge are doing AMAZING things. Lets's share and connect.

Your ticket includes:

  • Lunch

  • Networking

  • Speakers

Speaker line up:

Tracy Bech - Good Path Consulting and peeLUX - Tracy is a multi-6 and 7 figure serial entrepreneur who will be speaking about mindset mastery for business.

Samantha Rodgers - Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty and Local Rhoots - Samantha is an expert in process change management and will be speaking about pivoting and resilience in business.

Hannah England - Wash.It.Later. - Hannah, a mother and inventor who has garnered amazing press will speak to us about staking a claim to PR and how to get noticed as a new brand.

Robin Allen - Robin Allen Style - Robin, a master stylist and inspirational speaker will speak about branding and personal style in business.

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