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Gorge Women in Business Lunch

  • Best Western Hood River Hotel (map)



This is a chance to get together off the trails, rivers and mountains, roll up our sleeves and talk shop. It's your opportunity to meet other women in our community who can help you, or whom may need help from you. The women in the Gorge are doing AMAZING things. Lets's share and connect.


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Amber Valenti Armstrong, PA-C

6 Things You Need to Become an Unstoppable Changemaker in 2019

If nothing was stopping you, if nothing could get in your way–what would you MOST love to create in your life?? 

Things like...Taking back your health. Getting into better shape. Discovering meaningful work that lights you up. Breaking free of a funk. Growing closer to your friends. Becoming a better partner in those frustrating relationship moments. Taking your business or work to the next level. Starting and keeping new habits. Making an impact in your community. Feeling more confident. Trusting yourself more. Or making room for more adventures in your life.

What's stopping you from living that fully? 

Unfortunately, making change is challenging! And most of us weren't taught how to become successful changemakers. 

We’re often missing a few crucial skills to overcome the inevitable difficulties we experience along the way. But with the right skillsets you can move from struggle fest (we’ve all been there!) to steady success. So you can keep living into the life you know you’re worthy of. 

Amber's going to share the tried and true, evidenced-based, and road-tested skillsets you need to become an unstoppable changemaker in your life and the world. These skillsets will help you find clarity, get focused, sustain lasting motivation, overcome barriers, and feel confident as you implement the changes you want and need. So you can make this year your most inspired and thriving yet! (Bonus: She'll help you asses where you're at with these critical skills. And give you a deep discount code for her freshly released 8-Week Online Course Cultivate Change.)


Amber Valenti Armstrong, PA is a functional medicine practitioner, group facilitator, writer, and speaker specializing in mind-body medicine and self-leadership for women. 

She believes connection is the key to anything great we want in our lives. Her work focuses on connection to ourselves, our bodies, community, spirit and our environment as a way of creating wellness and conscious change. She believes it’s possible to take wonderful care of ourselves, do amazing work in the world, and have fun in the process.

Amber’s credentials include a host of international expeditions and adventures, more than a decade of work in wilderness and international medicine, talks and lectures for groups of 10 to 2,000, writing for online publications such as National Geographic Adventure, and her ongoing work in women's health.

She currently leads mind-body medicine and leadership courses, workshops, and retreats for her business Luminary, as well as runs her women-focused Functional Medicine practice Confluence Wellness in Hood River.