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Gorge Women in Business Lunch +(optional) Workshop


This is a chance to get together off the trails, rivers and mountains, roll up our sleeves and talk shop. It's your opportunity to meet other women in our community who can help you, or whom may need help from you. The women in the Gorge are doing AMAZING things. Lets's share and connect.


Date: Friday, April 19, 2019
Lunch and speakers: 12-2pm
Optional Workshop: 2:30-4:30pm
Location: Hood River Best Western


Preparing to Fund Your Business - Lisa Flynn, Bend, OR

While the “startup mentality” gets the most press, it’s the growth stage mentality that can make or break entrepreneurs. Growth is the constant that makes the startup equation work - remaining even when everything else in the game seems to change at key, pivotal moments that pop up between MVP and IPO.

Regardless of how you choose to fund your growth - whether it’s through revenue, debt, equity, crowdfunding or grants - at the end of the day, you’re going to need to be able to not only tell, but sell your story to someone…a partner, advisor, mentor, investor, banker, employee, or the elusive crowd… The key to telling your story in a compelling way is understanding the “why” behind the slides of the standard problem/solution pitch deck. (Spoiler alert: it's all about the people, process, and product.)

Come hear about growth mapping and business hacking from a seasoned entrepreneur who has both boot-strapped and raised venture capital to fund growth phases for multiple businesses - both failed and successful ventures ranging from bricks and mortar franchises to SaaS apps. Lisa Flynn is a straight-shooter who has a knack for delivering big concepts and sometime harsh realities in bite size pieces when it comes to business models and marketing strategies. She’s a problem solver of the active variety and has been called a “startup sherpa” for her time spent on multiple teams navigating the startup and growth stage landscape.


Stay for a deep dive workshop and get started telling your story. Regardless of your stage or type of business, Lisa will guide a workshop to help craft your story through building the standard 12 slide pitch deck. Whether you’re ready to start fundraising now, or just need to figure out the best way to grow - this workshop will help you sort through the noise and unnecessary details to focus on the mission at hand.

About Lisa Flynn

With dual degrees in Marketing and Psychology, Lisa Flynn has a bit of a split personality. Is she an innovative marketer or multi-tasking mom? Strategic entrepreneur or collaborative philanthropist? The answer, of course, is all of the above.

Lisa consistently builds brands with systems that relentlessly drive ROI. She’s spent almost two decades as an entrepreneur herself, having both boot-strapped and raised venture capital for her startups – which ranged from a children’s photography studio model that she turned into a franchise, to SaaS products and mobile applications.

A nationally sought-after speaker for her insight into marketing psychology, strategy and tactics, she’s also served as a C(X)O on growth stage teams serving as a catalyst while guiding them through the most chaotic times. She’s currently the Chief Revenue Officer and new partner at Sudara – a certified B Corp dedicated to empowering women who are at highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking in India, creating pathways for freedom through job creation.

Lisa’s career highlights include her TEDxWomen talk “Changing the things we cannot accept”, being named Entrepreneur of the Year (2010), and being featured in Business Week for her unique franchise concept. She was also recognized in Ad Age magazine for her public service work and has won a variety of advertising honors,
including the American Advertising Federation’s prestigious Silver Medal Award.

Lisa lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and two teenage boys.

Small Business Solutions Through Banking - Craig Ortega, SVP, Brand Manager, Columbia Bank

Craig is a natural connector in the Columbia River Gorge and is a huge proponent of small business and believes in "real people banking" He will share with us the various options for funding available from traditional loan to the newer SBA Express loan options. The Columbia Bank model of banking is to help nurture business owners and educate in the process of

About Columbia Bank

Wherever you’re headed, Columbia Bank has the people and resources to help get you there. It starts with “hello.” We never forget a name or a face. Real human beings answer our phones. And our commitment to providing all the services required to help build strong Northwest communities is firmly rooted in our DNA.


Columbia Bank

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